Archery Expert Reacts to Hawkeye

Archery Expert Reacts to Hawkeye

Pro archer and trick-shot specialist Lars Andersen gives us his expert opinion on Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

Hawkeye Disappoints the Avengers – SNL

The rest of The Avengers are disappointed in Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), the world’s greatest archer, because he only brought eleven arrows to fight hundreds of aliens. The Hulk (Bobby Moynihan) uses Hawkeye’s body to hit the aliens. [Season 38, 2012]


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Professional Archer REACTS to Horizon Zero Dawn | Experts React

Ed Gage, a professional Archer, reacts to gameplay from Horizon Zero Dawn.
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Problems with Archery Expert Reactions

With “Expert Break Downs” being a trending video on several channels, several archery “experts” have come on board to provide commentary on pop culture. This presents a few problems…

Olympic Archer Breaks Down Video Game Archery | WIRED

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