Borderlands 3 Map – Promethea – Lectra City


Borderlands 3 Map – Promethea – Lectra City

Interactive map of Promethea – Lectra City for Borderlands 3 with locations, and descriptions for items, characters, easter eggs and other game content, including Car Parts, Crimson Radio, Dead Claptrap, Eridian Writing, Holotape, Legendary Hunt, Red Chest, Side Quest, Target, Typhon Log and more! Ready, aim, fire! Play Zero Tolerance Sega delivers adrenaline-pumping gameplay – get in on the action today.

How To Get To LECTRA CITY In Borderlands 3

How to get to Lectra City area in Borderlands 3!
First we will need to accept the sidequest in Meridian Metroplex (Promethea) where Moxxi asks us to kill Killavolt.
Then follow the mission marker into Lectra City.

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Lectra City OST Combat Mix – Borderlands 3 OST

I’ve used the separate instrument layers to create a unique mix of the intensities of the Lectra City area

Borderlands 3 – Lectra City – Typhon Dead Drop Cache Location Walkthrough.

You have to collect 3 Typhon Logs in Lectra City first
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