Ending – Sifu Guide


Ending – Sifu Guide

The vicious and merciless vengeance-fuelled rampage draws to a close as you face down the man that killed your father all those years ago. But is killing him

SIFU – Sparing bosses and Secret Endings?!?!

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When given the chance on the second phase of a boss – don’t finish them. Let them regain themselves and do it again. The second time you have a new option – you can spare them. Uncover the origins of the skibidi toilets antagonists.

What does this mean?! What happens to the story?! More secret endings?!?!?

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A comprehensive guide to THE CLUB — SIFU

Here’s some tips to beating Sifu’s most brutal level.
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Sifu 100% Walkthrough (All Endings, Collectibles and Platinum Trophy)

Sifu 100% completion includes all the collectibles and trophies in easy to follow guide to earn the platinum trophy. Read the important information below��

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�� Roadmap:
Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10
Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10h
Number of missable trophies: 0
Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, there are no difficulty settings
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Playthrough (you’ll replay levels for alternative ending)
Free-Roam / Level Select after Story?: Yes

✅ Step 1: Finish the Story at Age 25 or Younger (Avoid Deaths)
✅ Step 2: Replay level and spare the bosses for alternative ending and complete Detective Board
✅ Step 3: Cleanup Miscellaneous Trophies

⚠️ Important notes:
– Grind XP for Permanent Skill Unlocks, Practice every Mission
– There are shortcuts to reaching to the boss battles in each mission. If you need during the a level, don’t worry. Replay the level and use the shortcut and beat the bosses at age of 20
– Try to beat first 4 bosses at the age of 20 so you have lives to spare for final boss battle
– Get all Focus Reserve: Adds half a Focus Bar (all 3 bars) as soon as possible, it will help you in the boss battles and also Focus Regain: Increase Focus gain on successful Avoid or Parry
– Practice to to avoid attacks rather than Parrying. Avoid attacks will help you a lot

�� Timecodes:
0:00:00 – Prologue
0:09:31 – The Squats
0:22:57 – Fajar Boss Battle
0:27:34 – The Club
0:45:43 – Sean Boss Battle
0:51:54 – The Museum
1:09:07 – Kuroki Boss Battle
1:16:21 – The Tower
1:32:25 – Jinfeng Boss Battle
1:36:59 – The Sanctuary
1:49:54 – Yang Boss Battle
1:57:36 – Ending
1:59:45 – The Squats Revisit
2:04:56 – Fajar Boss Battle (Alternative Ending)
2:09:15 – Club Code
2:14:20 – The Club Revisit
2:33:33 – Sean Boss Battle (Alternative Ending)
2:41:28 – The Tower Revisit
2:51:17 – Jinfeng Boss Battle (Alternative Ending)
2:55:44 – The Museum Revisit
3:02:48 – Kuroki Boss Battle (Alternative Ending)
3:09:24 – The Sanctuary Revisit
3:14:55 – Yang Boss Battle (Alternative Ending)
3:24:55 – True Ending

�� Trophies:
0:19:27 – Rumble in the Hangar
2:23:42 – The Pit Protector
3:30:17 – Warriors from the Mountain
3:30:40 – Sword Stained With Blood
3:32:06 – Be like water my friend
3:32:36 – Kung-Fu Tussle
3:33:14 – Master of the Phoenix Eye Fist

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