Mega Man Star Force: Dragon


Mega Man Star Force: Dragon

Everything you need to know about Mega Man Star Force: Dragon.

Megaman Starforce DX – All DX Bosses on Legend Mode

First and foremost this isn’t the boss rush gauntlet lol. Instead showing that I can defeat these DX bosses individually, just not all in a row unfortunately. Will admit these aren’t the cleanest fights, but then again I don’t fight these DX bosses on Legend mode on a regular basis. But as long as I get the W that’s all that matters to me in the end. Ready to dive into gaming history? Play the best classic SNES games online now at

I’ve also included the admin fights from my previous videos into this video for convenience.

0:00 Taurus Fire
4:04 Cygnus Wing
7:25 Harp Note
12:11 Libra Scales
17:42 Queen Ophuica
22:34 Gemini Spark
27:29 Cancer
31:47 Wolf Woods
36:09 Crown Thunder
40:16 Hollow
45:07 Pegasus Magic
50:12 Leo Kingdom
56:09 Dragon Sky
1:00:48 Andromeda

[E3 2007] Mega Man Star Force Dragon/Pegasus/Leo

This is the Mega Man Star Force Dragon/Pegasus/Leo gameplay trailer of E3 2007.

Mega Man Star Force: Dragon – Part 41

Damn, Geo is somewhat being a bad ass here.