Old Cell Key – Dark Souls 3 Guide


Old Cell Key – Dark Souls 3 Guide

The Old Cell Key is one of the many Key Items found in Dark Souls

Dark Souls 3 Jailbreaker’s Key, Old Cell Key, Profaned Capitol locations from Irithyll Dungeon


Dark souls 3 Key Guide | Tower Key, Grave Key, Cell, Key | Locations and Usage

Today I just decided to post a quick video showing the locations and the usage of all these keys. I do plan on making more of these as well as showing all the locations for estus shards and undead bone shards. If there are any suggestions for any video’s you would like to see please leave it down in the comment section!

Dark Souls 3 – Irrhyll Dungeon – Unlocking Siegward’s Cell (Titanite Slab/Gold Serpent Ring)

At the bottom of the dungeon, where you fight a giant, you can talk to Siegward in a cell. Find the Old Cell Key in a chest then head over to the Profaned Capital to reach his cell. Jump through a hole in the wall to reach the cell and use the key. Siegward rewards you with a titanite slab. You can also find a Covetous Gold Serpent Ring in his cell.
Note: I killed most enemies, this area has a lot.