Tips – Fallout 3 Guide


Tips – Fallout 3 Guide

Check out these essential tips for getting started in Fallout

Fallout 3 The Pitt Completionist Guide

The Pitt getting all the unique gear and ingots in the order of the story then covering the ammo press!

00:39 The Bridge
-Frag mines

2:31 Steel Yard
-Steel ingots 100
-10 – Labourer Outfit
-20 – Filtration Helmet
-30 – Steel knuckles
-40 – Metal Master Armour
-50 – Metal Blaster
-60 – Bombshell Armour
-70 – Leather Rebel armour
-80 – The Mauler
-90 – Perforator
-100 – Tribal Power Armour
-Man opener
-Wild bills side arm

The Pitt
-Death claw Gauntlet
-pick up your gear

Abandoned apartments
-Hat of the people

I Ammo Press!!!!!

Fallout 3 Quick Start Guide

I hope you all enjoy watching this video! I wanted to say that I don’t claim any ownership to the discovery of the methods used in this video, I’ve been playing Fallout 3 for a long time, and just wanted to pass my knowledge onto you. That being said please post in the comments any tips or feedback you have.

(All the audio used in this video came from me and the game, so obviously I claim no ownership of the Fallout 3 soundtrack.)

The Ultimate Fallout 3 Beginners Guide, Exploits and Tricks

Fallout 3 can be a hard game and in this video I will go through a number of beginners tips and tricks to help you along. This is my ultimate Fallout 3 Beginners Guide, Exploits and Tricks.

0:00 Fallout 3 – Best starter tips
0:17 Setting your Special Points
2:23 Medicine Bobblehead and Tagging Skills
4:17 While leaving the vault
6:49 Straight after you exit Vault 101
7:58 Goodies at Springvale
10:20 Weapon cache behind Megaton
11:46 Get a house in Megaton
16:16 Armored Vault Suit
17:17 Megaton House Items for free
20:43 Strength Bobblehead
22:25 Inteligence Bobblehead
29:48 Survival Guide
30:39 Walter Scrap Metal

Unlimited XP in Fallout 3:

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