Trading Pokemon – Pokemon X and Y Guide


Trading Pokemon – Pokemon X and Y Guide

Trading Pokemon is one of the oldest and greatest features in Pokemon history! Why else do you think there are always at least two versions in every generation

3 Ways to Get a Shiny Pokémon in X & Y – Tamashii Hiroka

This video covers 3 ways you can get a Shiny Pokemon in Pokémon X & Y, and they work in lots of other Pokemon games too!

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A few methods not mentioned in this video:

Sweet Scent – Using a Pokémon with Sweet Scent, you can force Horde Encounters to happen, which given that there are 5 Pokémon instead of 1 means you have a higher chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon. It tends to be a bit difficult to actually catch Pokémon in Horde Encounters though, so battle wisely!

Friend Safari – It seems to be easier to find Shiny Pokémon in the Friend Safari, though there isn’t anything supporting this but hearsay. Still, I definitely have seen a lot of Shiny Pokémon that have been caught in the Friend Safari, and I myself have caught a Shiny Electrode there.

Tipping? – Just a rumor, but people seem to think if you tip a lot of people in the game you have a higher chance of encountering Shinies.

Soft Resetting – If there is a Pokémon in the game that you can encounter on demand, like legendary or other event Pokémon on the over world, you can save before the encounter and reset until you run into a Shiny version of that Pokémon. This does not increase your chances, but it will force the game to generate a new Pokémon, meaning you have as many tries as you want to reset for a Shiny. Some legendaries, like Zekrom and Reshiram in BW, cannot be shiny though.

These methods were omitted for a couple of reasons, but mostly just because I ran out of time and needed to get the video up! So enjoy and have fun shiny hunting!

Pokemon X and Y Online in 2021….

Pokemon X and Y in 2021? Do people still play these games online? X and Y were the first main series Pokemon games on the 3DS, and now that we have Pokemon on the Switch I thought it would be fun to go back to these games and see what’s going on! Get your hands on the best Nintendo DS emulator online games. Discover classic titles and relive your childhood gaming memories today!

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After attempting to catch every Unova Pokemon in under 24 hours, you all have heavily requested that I take on the challenge in generation 6. After many technical difficulties, we’re finally ready to jump into the 3DS era of Pokemon. Today we’re going to find out how easily you can catch every Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y. This video took a lot of time and effort to put together, so I’d really appreciate it if you shared this with a friend. If you have any suggestions for the next video, leave it in the comments below! Have a great day 🙂

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Here is the spreadsheet that I made for this challenge!