How to Get the Morph Ball Bomb Early – Metroid Dread Guide


How to Get the Morph Ball Bomb Early – Metroid Dread Guide

This page contains information on how to perform a sequence break in Metroid Dread to obtain the Morph Ball Bomb earlier than the story normally allows. This

Metroid Dread Cheat: Kraid Quick Kill (Sequence Break)

This Metroid Dread sequence break allows you to get the Grapple Beam and Bomb early, enabling you to insta-kill Kraid.

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IGN has plenty of Nintendo Metroid Dread gameplay along with our Metroid Dread review gameplay on the Nintendo Switch OLED. Samus is back in the new Metroid Dread game (metroid 5) where Samus Aran faces off against the E.M.M.I. robot.

Metroid Dread Sequence Breaking Tutorial: Early Grapple/Bombs/Kraid Instant Kill

Item required to begin sequence break: Varia Suit
When it can be done: Right after obtaining the Varia Suit

Just a little tutorial demonstrating the first major sequence break opportunity in Metroid Dread, allowing you to get the Grapple Beam and Morph Ball Bombs early, as well as allowing you to kill Kraid instantly during his second phase. I tried to be as informative but to the point as possible.

Metroid Dread Early Morph Ball Bombs Guide

In this Metroid Dread video I show you how to get early morph ball bombs so you can easily defeat Kraid in his second phase! This is a full guide with maps and a complete video walkthrough to help you if you get lost or just want to see the path navigated in game. Get your adrenaline pumping with Krunker IO! Start playing now at

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